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About Us


MASIC endeavors to create a thriving space industry ecosystem that attracts investment, talent, and partnerships from around the world, inspiring future generations of Malaysians to pursue careers and opportunities in the space industry, contributing to the nation's socio-economic progress.


To establish Malaysia as a globally recognized hub for space exploration, satellite technologies, and space-based applications, driving economic growth, scientific innovation, and societal advancement.


  • Coordinate, arrange and manage all space industry development programmes via collaboration/partnerships among Malaysian academia, industry players and the Government with international players.
  • Facilitate capability and capacity development programmes in targeted space technologies and products through the empowerment of local industry and start-ups.
  • Develop and implement action plans proceeding from the Space Industry Strategic Plan 2030 and monitor the progress of the industry.

The Main Objective

An objective is a clear and specific goal that provides direction and focus towards achieving a desired outcome. It is essential for effective planning and execution of personal or professional endeavors, serving as a roadmap to success.

  • 01 Industry Development

    To promote the development of the Malaysian space industry by representing the interests of members and promoting their core competencies and expertise.

  • To work positively and collaborate constructively with the authorities, clients, industry players and industry stakeholders to represent and promote member’s interest for the overall development of the Malaysian space industry.

  • To foster collaboration among members and stakeholders for the advancement of the Malaysian space industry strategic partnerships, international collaboration, and market access.

  • To engage and collaborate with overseas organisations to promote the activities of member companies and encourage potential strategic alliances between Malaysians and foreign companies.

  • To represent the space industry in engaging with government and to advocate for favorable policies, regulations, and incentives that support the growth and sustainability of the Malaysian space industry.

  • To promote public awareness, education, and engagement regarding the benefits and potentials of the space industry.

  • To position Malaysia as a quality and competitive hub for resources, products and services for the global space industry thus creating visibility of Malaysian space industry globally.

  • To positively contribute towards nation economic building through the development of the Malaysian space industry.

  • To undertake any other lawful activities that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


Space activity in Malaysia encompasses space manufacturing, space operations, space applications Ancillary Services and research. It aims to advance Malaysia's space industry, foster innovation, and position the country as a regional and global player in the space sector.

Space Manufacturing

Design and/or manufacture of space equipment and subsystems

Space Operations

Launch and/or operation of satellites and/or spacecraft

Space Applications

Applications of real time satellite signals and data

Ancillary Services

Specialised and customised support services

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Vibrant atmosphere at MIGHT during the space industry engagement session on May 9, 2023. The room is filled with industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts, all eagerly discussing and exchanging ideas about the future of Malaysia's space industry. The energy in the room is palpable, reflecting the collective passion and commitment towards advancing the nation's space endeavors.

The pictures capture the essence of the space industry engagement session at MIGHT, culminating in the announcement of the protem committee for the formation of the space industry consortium. They portray the determination, collaboration, and enthusiasm that will shape the future of Malaysia's space industry, paving the way for innovative advancements, strategic partnerships, and a thriving ecosystem for space exploration and technology.

Committee Members (Protem)

Our committee members are experienced leaders in the space industry who guide our consortium's strategic direction and collaborate with members and partners to promote innovation and growth. They bring expertise and passion to support the development of new technologies and capabilities in Malaysia.

Dato’ Kamarul Redzuan Mohamed

UZMA Group


Dr. Seah Kok Wah (Sean)


Vice President

Muhamad Nurazmi Abas



Dr Norilmi Amilia Ismail


Assistant Secretary

Mohd Faizal Allaudin

FAAS Engineering


Ismahadi bin Ismail 

Space Science System

Committee Member

Hafez Murtza


Committee Member

Izmir Yamin

Izmir Technology Industries

Committee Member

Razlan Dhamir


Committee Member

Khairuddin Abd Rahman

Sirius T&E

Committee Member


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