MIGHT Marks 29 Years of High-Tech Nation Building

February 22, 2022by

Cyberjaya – Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) marks its 29th anniversary on with a celebratory get together at the MIGHT Partnership Hub.

The highlight of the celebration was the planting of the time capsules by MIGHT’s Joint-Chairmen, Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Zakri Abdul Hamid and Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ir. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali. The time capsules contain the recordings and transcriptions of messages by both Chairmen comprising their aspirations for MIGHT and the nation. The content of both capsules will be unveiled in 2033 as MIGHT’s marks its 40th year.

As a think tank MIGHT continues to undertake key initiatives for both the industry and government sectors. MIGHT is a forerunner in the areas of Foresight and Smart Cities development, with various industry blueprints in the works. These join the ranks of other industry blueprints which have since seen commendable success including the National Aerospace Blueprint, National Pharmaceutical Blueprint and National Herbal Industry Blueprint, among others.

MIGHT has also made headways in pushing the industry agenda in the areas rail, aerospace and green technology including green data centres, food processing, 3D printing and waste to wealth programmes. Industry led initiatives are also comprehensively embedded in various sustainable development plans in the states of Melaka and Perak, with others in the pipeline.

International collaborations will feature prominently in MIGHT’s foray into its next decade. It is presently actively exploring the expansion of the innovation value chain in Spain, Turkey and Thailand. This builds on the success of many previous international collaborations the latest being the Newton Ungku Omar Fund with the United Kingdom.

Earlier in the day staff members presented a collage of palm prints symbolising solidarity and commitment in MIGHT’s forward journey. Recognising the challenges faced by some segments of the population, the staff members also put together a food drive to benefit the needy.

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