introduce students to key theories and concepts in software engineering and data analytics. Practice the use of the latest tools and programming languages used for web applications and analytics. Enhance participants’ abilities to develop, debug and deploy professional software applications. Guide participants through the software development lifecycle from design to testing and on to production.


..."This rapid skill development and enhancement programme's is designed to give participants the best of software and data knowledge and abilities. These abilities will ensure excellent career prospects and high advancement opportunities. It provides you with degree level knowhow compressed into an easy to understand, simple to follow and intuitive format delivered by the best industry trainers"...



an initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI} and the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT} and reflect the aspiration of the Malaysian Government to create a future-ready workforce. The 4th Industrial Revolution demands mastery of technologies including artificial intelligence (Al), cloud computing, robotics, 3-D printing, the Internet of Things (loT) and advanced wireless technologies among others.

Develop interactive and professional web applications.
Develop analytics dashboards.
Fetch data from web applications and insert into databases.
Query data from databases and visualise in dashboards.
Perform system testing (whitebox, alpha, beta, automated) for pre-production to production software.
Set up production environments.

Asked Questions

In ushering the digitalisation of Malaysian companies to stay competitive through redeployment of their non technical workers into digital positions, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and MIGHT is launching  the  “Digital Reskilling Programme for Industry” with delivery partner Air Asia Academy of AirAsia using Google-based curriculum.

The programme is an introductory course to familiarize non-IT background workers to the concepts of software programming.  It will be run on part time basis for 78 days  (approximately 4 months) covering 156 hours of online classes. It will involve classes and assessments. Participants must complete a minimum of 80% (126 hours) of training to be eligible for certificate of completion and pass the assessments to receive  certificate of competency from RBA.

This is a company-based program. It is open for Malaysian citizens of Malaysian companies only. It is provided free of charge to participating companies and will not involve HRDF claims. Although the classes are expected to run after daytime working hours, the companies are expected to allow the participating workers to attend classes or assignments in order to complete the study.

The background of the targeted participants are those with:

  • SPM/O-Level equivalent and above, OR
  • Non-Technology Degree Holders seeking reskilling, OR
  • Technology of non-computing professionals seeking Upskilling

The programme will select participants based on first come first serve basis and may limit the number of participants for individual companies to a maximum of 2 participants, subject to availability.

The classes will be concurrently run in 6 cohorts accommodating 25 pax per cohort. The expected date for commencement will be:

Cohort 1:          July 26th  2021
Cohort 2:          July 26th  2021
Cohort 3:           January 10th  2022
Cohort 4:           January 22nd  2022
Cohort 5:           June 2022
Cohort 6:           June 2022

Companies may register interest via the following link:

Register Interest

or send an email to for further information.
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